Crime carried out by employees

Crime carried out by employees

Disloyalty, Embezzlement, Theft or Fraud are merely some terms that stand for the manifold field of employee crime. As a company within the investigative business, we educate on as well as combat against the topic of employee crime.  

Employee Crime: Prevent Financial Damage

Employee crime is rampant at all levels in German companies - and the trend is increasing. This affects the companies not only financially. Occurrences of this kind are always a major breach of trust towards the company as well as colleagues. They can cause considerable damage to the image of a company and its financial substance.

How to successfully protect yourself from fraud (employee crime)

RCS conducts extensive background research on individuals, companies and their interconnections. Our years of experience shows that employee crime is mostly due to:

  • Missing or defective control systems
  • Unprotected IT systems
  • Dissatisfied employees
  • Economic problems

Our Services:

  • Clarification conc. Disloyalty, Embezzlement, Theft
  • Clarification conc. Fraud
  • Clarification conc. unauthorized Activities

Our Goal:

  • Clarification of white-collar crimes
  • Obtaining facts presentable in the court of law

With years of experience in the field of employee crime, we are the right partner for your problem. Satisfied clients and absolute discretion characterize us.

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